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February 12, 2013

"The top 50 things people want to do before they die"

Not my list-about one-third involve travel


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Joe R.

A very U.K.-ish list. Travel to Lapland?


Truly, I don't have a list, and I didn't see a single thing there that I want to do very badly. [I have a mortgage, but it's just one more tool in my financial tool box and I find it useful.]

I suppose I would just list "see my grandchildren be contented, useful adults."

I'm lucky, I guess. Either I don't want much or what I have is enough.

Jack P.

Most of these are fun, but I'm puzzled by no.1 and no.5, millionnaire and mortgage-free.

Your financial situation can help or hinder achievement goals, but they are not goals per se...

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