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February 27, 2013

"The Least Interesting Lawyers in the World"


Americans don't always drink beer. But when they do, they'll enjoy plenty of alternatives without any help from the world's least interesting lawyers who populate the Justice Department Antitrust Division.


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Joe R.

God bless 'em. They're just trying to keep busy, and it's not like they can pick up a broom and start sweeping the office.

A beer flashback. I remember in '76 at the U of Illinois we used to buy (minus the deposit)a case of 24 longneck Falstaffs for $3.00. That's about 13 cents a beer.


Ha! In the late 60s at U of IL a case of bud in cans could frequently be had for 2 bucks.

Anyway, this is just another "Blazing Saddles" moment. "Gentlemen!! We've got to protect our phony-baloney jobs!!"

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