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February 01, 2013

"The Cat’s Meow"

Martin Short: ". . . at 62 he stands alone in the comedy firmament, adored by Hollywood’s elite as the funniest, nicest, best of them all."


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He seems like a very nice person, but I never found him all that funny. It always seemed to me that his sketches went on about half again as long as they should. Given, though, his "insiderish" comedy and how much his colleagues like him I guess that has something to do with it.

Ah, well, you can't please everyone.

Michael Greenspan

He's immensely talented. Had he been born about twenty years earlier, and reached his prime in the '50s-'60s rather than the '70s-'80s, he'd have been a huge star on Broadway and in movies. The tv/Internet age never gave him the right vehicle. I read on IMDb that he was Mel Brooks's first choice for the role in "The Producers" that Matthew Broderick played on Broadway (Short starred in the Los Angeles production a few years later). That's the kind of part he'd have won in plenty when Broadway was at its height. As for movies, audiences that loved Jerry Lewis would've adored him.


With quality record of humor like “Mars Attacks,” “Weeds,”Father of the Bride II,” “Captain Ron," and other laugh-out-loud thigh-slapping productions, who can disagree?

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