Useful information for those who wonder about the "nutty" Tea Partiers
Some grounds for optimism

"Personal finance education to be compulsory [in England]"

I guess this is good news. But I think for "personal finance" like for a great many other things in life, knowing the right thing to do is usually easier than it's cracked up to be. But actually doing the right thing is as hard or harder.. 

Lose weight? Eat less and exercise more.

Alcohol or drug problem? Don't start. If you do, stop as soon as possible.

Depressed? Think happier thoughts. (AKA "cognitive therapy".)

How to handle your finances? Three rules:

1. Legally earn, or otherwise get, some money.

2. Save. Save. Save. Barring calamity, save 10% of your gross income every year. 20% would be better.

3. When you're young, take a little risk with some of your savings. (Think index fund if nothing else.)