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February 22, 2013

Funny, skeptical review of screenwriting books

"A Three Act Journey in the Land of the Screenwriting Gurus by Jonathan Zimmerman".

I now own about 25 screenwriting books, a drop in the bucket of the over 1,500 Amazon claims to carry, but a substantial part of my modest library. While their titles line my bookcase, I wouldn’t be caught dead reading any of these books in public. Perhaps if it were a digital copy, and maybe if I lived in another city, like Seattle or better yet, Sheboygan, and then only if I could sit facing the door with my back to a corner like a mafia don. But here, in Hollywood: no chance. Something about my relationship with the gurus shames me enough that I dare not let them outside the discreet confines of my apartment.


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Patrick R. Sullivan

Actually, there's a funny Nicolas Cage movie about this;

Surprisingly amusing, even with the blood and gore ending.

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