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January 09, 2013

"Why I’m not angry at Lance Armstrong"

Washington Post reporter Sally Jenkins argues that Armstrong did substantial good


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And Mussolini made the trains run on time. (See: Filippo Simeoni)


When you dominate a sport that is famous for "doping" of some kind, it's unlikely you're clean.

When you dominate such a sport for many years, its less likely you're clean.

When you dominate such a sport after recovering from cancer, some of us will begin to doubt that you're doing it all on natural ability.

When multiple teammates accuse you of doping, your story sounds too good to be true.

When a former teammate becomes the sports champion and gets caught, do you start to count the red flags or are you further amazed at Lance's ability to dominate cycling while clean?

The gullibility of the press in the Lance Armstrong story never ceases to amaze. Sure he's a great cyclist but it should be extremely hard to believe that all he was doing was saying his prayers and taking his vitamins like all good Hulkamaniacs.

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