"Procrastinating Surgeon Putting Off Coronary Bypass By Cleaning Entire Hospital"
George Orwell, call your office

Two nice stories about former athletes

"Sam Bowie doesn't ask 'what if?'"

In the past, Sam would have let this all go, would have never felt the need to explain himself. He has always ignored the argument that he's the worst draft pick in NBA history, has always been comfortable in his 7-foot-1 skin. But his kids are getting older now and his name still trends on Twitter and the bloggers won't let Bowie-over-Jordan go. So it was time.

"Former NFL QB Jon Kitna finds ‘gold mine’ at his troubled old high school".

Before he left the Dallas Cowboys to come home again, Jon Kitna had one request of the two principals who run Lincoln High School:

Give me your worst students.