"Prohibition: 16 Results"
"Why I’m not angry at Lance Armstrong"

Two for Ph.D. students

"A Few Tips for Being a More Successful Graduate Student".

Below are a few notes that I’ve put together on being a graduate student in economics. They are culled from advice that I’ve gotten in the past, my own experiences a graduate student, and from my observations working with graduate students over the past few years. Some of these you’ve undoubtedly discovered on your own. Some may seem obvious, but a gentle reminder can’t hurt.

"The Professor Is In". (Via Mike Munger.)

I am here to help.  I am Karen L. Kelsky, Ph.D..  I am  “The Professor.” I spent 15 years as a R1 tenured professor, department head, and university advisor, and I tell you the truth.  The truth about grad school.  The truth about funding. The truth about the job market.  And the truth about tenure.  To the best of my ability.

I also tell you the truth about your applications, job chances,  tenure case, and so on. If they suck, I will tell you. And then we will get a plan to improve them.