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January 14, 2013

"If it saves only one life, it’s worth it"

Among the dopiest--and the competition is very intense, indeed--statements by an American politican. If you need an explanation, Jonah Goldberg provides one.


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Allen Cic

This is much like the comment I heard Lanny Davis make on the radio the other day about gun control legislation. He said something like, "Just because the law doesn't work doesn't mean it's not a good idea." Good grief! Isn't that the essence of what modern liberalism is all about? No program, no matter how stupid or expensive is ever evaluated for its effectivness. There's absolutely no one who cares if there is value for money spent (wasted) or effort expended.


Funny, I've suggested we introduce a "gun proofing" course into the schools to teach children about firearms and dispel the taboo curiosity. But I am consistently attacked by those who claim this would be a waste of money and kids would still get hurt. But if it saved one child's life, wouldn't it be worth the cost? It wouldn't even take much work, the NRA already has good courses developed in gun safety for kids. In fact, most states require such courses before a child can get a hunting license.


Ah yes another restatement of Pascal's Wager. Last time I heard it was in a debate about the ACA. A congressman argued that screening for colorectal cancer would result in early detection and a huge cost savings. After the other side stated that even the Congressional Budget office reported the screening was a negative NPV project because the test had too many false positives which resulted in more testing (and $ spent), the congressman retorted "What about humanity? What's the value of a human life. If we save one life.."

Though I'm sure the other party made similar claims about the Patriot Act.

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