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January 13, 2013

"How we'd really deal with an Armageddon-sized asteroid"

"Hint: We probably wouldn't nuke it".


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Sounds right ...

mike shupp

Hmmm. Governments are stupid, incompetent, lazy, and -- these days -- cash-strapped, so NASA's certainly not going to defend us if a civilization-ending asteroid is headed for the earth.

So is there a corporation with the sort of assets and technological skills that would be needed, just sitting around waiting for an opportunity to go out and blow away an asteroid and make a dandy profit? I don't know of one, I don't know anyone who'd care to start such a business, I don't think anyone I know would expect to receive regular paychecks from such a business. Not here, not in Japan or India, not in China, not in Brazil or Gambia or Indosesia or ...

So let's go back to Square One. Really, just how would we defend ourselves from a civilization-ending asteroid?

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