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January 15, 2013

"Going Galt in 2013"

Suggestions for how to proceed:

After discussion with a large number of individuals who are either in the process of Going Galt or who have already gone, I have determined that most “Going Galt” activities fall into four major categories:

  • Earn Less Taxable Income
  • Reduce Expenses and Pay Less Sales Tax
  • Civil Disobedience
  • Prepare for the Collapse



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mike shupp

This is silly. The point of "going Galt" in ATLAS SHRUGGED was that that individuals with enormous ability and great talents were not using those abilities, and that as a result society was falling apart and the economy crashing into an unrecoverable slump.

To do something comparable in this world, people should seek employment in undemanding jobs -- making burgers at Macdonalds would be a good example. They should avoid blogging and limit their comments to LOL! snd similar posts. They should not buy books or magazines which discuss significant issues. They should not attempt to establish fashion trends, to create music or fiction or even to post images on the internet. They should never express political opinions. They must avoid providing "positive" role models for children or contemporaries. In fact, they should have no children. Sanity and good will will prevent them from committing crime and injuring others, but they should do nothing that others will regard as admirable or praiseworthy or instructive.

Isn't that a life to look forward to!


Always nice to see "respected" professors link to crazy far-right sites.

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