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December 17, 2012

This should be implemented immediately

Eric Falkenstein:

I think liberals should simply append all their posts/articles/editorials with "and, tax the rich and spend more" via some symbol (§)  just to save space. Everything they see supports this conclusion in their minds.

Regular readers of the Door know that I'm an enthusiastic supporter of time-saving devices like this. For instance, Newmark's First Law


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Luis Enrique

what's the symbol for "cut taxes, give everybody a gun, let the poor starve"

Joe R.

Good one, Luis!

Let's see ... Cut Taxes: generally a good idea to stimulate the economy.
Give Everybody a Gun: I'm not sure we can afford to give guns to everyone. We spend too much on free cell phones now.
Let The Poor Starve: Sounds like Stalin back in the 1930's.

Maybe a hammer and sickle? But I can't find that on a keyboard.


Alternatively, we could dedicate a common expression to mean "and, tax the rich and spend more", such as:

yada, yada, yada;
blah, blah, blah;
party line;
usual suspects;



Can you explain to me how cutting taxes and high gun ownership in any way correlates with letting the poor starve? Or are you just an ignorant fool trying to be cute?

As noted by Joe R., Stalin raised taxes and disarmed much of the population. This turned out to be devastating to the diet of the poor as millions starved to death. In fact, that's pretty much the story of the 20th century: high taxes and a disarmed population = brutal government oppression.

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