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December 10, 2012

"The Windows 8 Sales Data Is In, And It's Bad News For Microsoft"

Unsurprising. (There were many warnings.)

See also Philip Greenspun, "Christmas gift for someone you hate: Windows 8".


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Ted Craig

Two comments:

1. Windows 8 was never going to match the sales of Windows 7 because of Vista.

2. No tablets sell other than iPads. The tablet market is like the hybrid car market - still more hype than reality except for one model.

Mr Evilwrench

Well, it's certainly not an entirely new operating system; M$ hasn't released an entirely new one since... ever. MSDOS was stolen from Digital Research (CP/M), and everything since has just been patches and shells built onto it. MSDOS is still in there, believe it or not, though they'll deny it. M$ has made a lot of money treating its customers very badly.

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