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December 11, 2012

"The Most Important Thing About Your MBA Is The Alumni Network"

You'd think there would be quicker, cheaper ways for 20- and 30-somethings to make friends


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Brent Buckner

Do those alumni out there making hiring decisions have room in their lives for new friends... and if they did how would they go about selecting them?


You learn very quickly in your classes who is a good/smart worker and who is not. High achievers tend to network the most, and I remember everyone in my class that came prepared and did well. I keep up with them, and we send recommendations back and forth.

Grades are an imperfect measure of talent. Working with a bunch of really smart people for a couple of years gives you a good idea of who you would want to reach out to in the future.

That is the network with value. Asking someone that graduated from your university for a job when he doesn't know you from Adam is not near as valuable as asking for a job from your classmates uncle, especially when you saved your classmate's arse teaching him managerial accounting, for example.

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