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December 18, 2012

"One generation got old; one generation got sold"

Funny. And true. (And I love the Jefferson Airplane reference.)

This 50-something, white, conservative Republican wishes to thank America’s youth for sacrificing their financial futures and standard of living so that boomers, such as my wife and I, can look forward to a long and comfy retirement, which we could easily have afforded on our own. Now we have the youth as our guarantors and providers of a little something extra.

As reported by the national exit poll conducted by Edison Research, Americans aged 18 to 29 voted 60% to 36% for Barack Obama. Prior to Obama’s re-election, I believed that it was morally wrong for my generation to pass a crushing national debt on to the next one.


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Joe R.

I have a friend who teaches Finance at a midwestern university, who thanks his class at the opening of each term with basically these sentiments, and "urges" them to keep voting this way.

Brent Buckner

"Never give a sucker an even break!"

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