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December 25, 2012

"Lockheed Martin's New Killer Laser Will Change Life For Troops On The Ground"

Good. Especially since we may need to worry about this: "Inside China's Secret Arsenal".  


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Enemy's old attack plan:

1. Attack.

Enemy's new attack plan:

1. Shoot the white trailer.
2. Attack.


With what equipment will step 1 be carried out? Am I wrong to assume that a laser capable of destroying a rocket at 3 miles would be similarly able to destroy aircraft at that distance [or perhaps further, given the probable slower speed of aircraft]?

And aren't the ground troops going to be equipped to handle ground-based attacks? Sure no individual instance of such a unit is invulnerable, and it makes sense to attack them first, but I fail to see how that results in a worse position, on average, than faced by the ground troops now. Multiplying the number of targets that needs to be taken out surely isn't an advantage for the attacker.


"With what equipment will step 1 be carried out?"

I dunno. I would use a rifle, probably.


So step one is basically no different than before, you just have to do it twice now. Okay, I guess.

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