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December 2012

December 31, 2012

"The Democrats' Fallback Plan For When Obamacare Inevitably Fails"

Discouraging. Disturbing. Better not get sick or old.

As the evidence rolls in after ObamaCare takes hold, proving its failure to reduce health care expenditures, combined with the predictable decrease in access to care for those with government insurance and the non-viability of private insurance, Americans will understandably voice an increasing dislike of the reformed system. So, specifically, what might we expect during the next phase of this transformative presidency, either from this administration or more likely the next Democrat to profess expertise about health care reform?

First and foremost, watch out for the reemergence of a “public option” likely marketed by Democrats as “Medicare for all”, as Democrats revive their already stated original goal of forging a single payer, wholly government-controlled system. 

"Car Buying of Tomorrow Is Here with Carhound"

The next time I buy a car I intend to try these folks and/or CarQ.

Buying a car, never pleasant, seems to be gettting worse. 

"Why Do So Many Teachers Quit Their Jobs? Because They Hate Their Bosses"

Some more information consistent with a hypothesis of mine: don't increase teachers' pay (much); improve their working conditions

"Multicollinearity madness"

Very nicely done. Should be required in econometrics classes everywhere. 

"Neutralize a Lethal Enzyme"

This claims that 5-LOX is the source of most our ills. 

It may surprise you that of the ten leading causes of death in this country—including heart disease, cancer, and diabetes—seven are linked to a single enzymein your body. [footnote omitted]

"I Quickly Learned Why Silicon Valley Loves To Hate MBAs"

"Forbes estimates the payback period of an MBA is 3.5 years, but their break even analysis doesn’t truly take into account opportunity cost. Here are a few reasons why an MBA can significantly handicap your early career progression, particularly if you’re interested in an entrepreneurial path at some point . . ."

December 30, 2012

"The Gold Standard"

Joe Posnanski:

These are the 32 players who were elected first ballot with at least 86 percent of the vote.*

Two more reasons--among many--why the U.S. shouldn't imitate France

"The French Really Are Les Misérables".

In France, 48% of the people considered themselves either living in poverty or on the way to living in poverty.

"In Paris, Effortless Chic Lives On". "Chic"?! Nah.

December 29, 2012

"Are Apple and Google in Race for North Carolina's 'Black Gold'?"

Manure. Pig manure, that is. 

"Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and Hollywood Are Ruining Women"

Camille Paglia goes off

It’s staggering that 22-year-old Taylor Swift earned $57 million and Katy Perry $45 million. How is it possible that such monumental fortunes could be accumulated by performers whose songs have barely escaped the hackneyed teenybopper genre? 

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