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December 31, 2012

"I Quickly Learned Why Silicon Valley Loves To Hate MBAs"

"Forbes estimates the payback period of an MBA is 3.5 years, but their break even analysis doesn’t truly take into account opportunity cost. Here are a few reasons why an MBA can significantly handicap your early career progression, particularly if you’re interested in an entrepreneurial path at some point . . ."


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This reminded me of a MIT TechTV video of a career lecture given by Dr. Peter Fiske to grad students and post-docs. In it he relates how if they treated MBAs the way they did STEM Ph.D candidates (he has both), they'd bring them in on day one, send them off to start a company and to come back in 5 years at the IPO. The STEM PhD is lead out to the edge of knowledge and told step off and find their way. Of course, the MBA would never return if successful having already achieved their own lab, independent funding and even their own students.

The video is 'Putting Your Degree To Work! Career Strategies with Peter Fiske'. The MBA comparison starts at minute 24.

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