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December 12, 2012

"Four Foods Group Makes Restaurant Ownership Easy"

Interesting idea but if they get too big I think Panera will clobber them


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Having been a night manager at a Burger King for a while in the long ago past, I certainly have to agree that lack of financial and operational knowledge is rampant, not just among franchise owners but in company-owned restaurants.

People literally become restaurant managers because they've been there a long time and haven't really messed anything up to that point. They, as a group, seem to know next to nothing about inventory control, employee scheduling, cash control, bookkeeping, and so on. It's just weird.

Of course, they also become managers for all the old reasons, too, kissing up, good looks, nepotism, whatever. I always found it fascinating that the company had a set of procedures that allowed the store I was in to make a profit almost no matter what the manager did.

I wonder how a chain with really good managers would do.

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