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December 04, 2012

Compare and contrast

"Chelsea properties that should be renting for millions sit empty and languishing".

They could be prime Chelsea apartments — and they’re going to waste.

A cluster of four city-owned Seventh Avenue properties that should be renting for millions — and paying their fair share of taxes — sits nearly empty, boarded up and falling apart.

The city has had more than three decades to fix up, raze or sell the five-story brick buildings on the southeast corner of 22nd Street but has left the 12 spacious residential units and three ground-floor storefronts to rot.

"The Blueprint: Post-Sandy, New York’s homeless problem is even more daunting. One building in Brooklyn shows how it might be solved."

But housing the homeless, not in shelters but with dignity, is a less intractable challenge than it seems. Buildings like the Hegeman point the way. They are the product of an extensive network of nonprofit organizations and private developers that has accumulated enough experience, enlisted enough first-class architects, and slowly changed enough attitudes to put a solution within reach.


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