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November 15, 2012

This could explain a lot

"Brain Scan Shows That Thinking About Math Is As Painful As A Hot Stove Burn, If You're Anxious".


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Joe R.

I showed this to a coworker who said he always liked arithmetic in school, but once they began mixing in the alphabet with the numbers he started having trouble.

He added he gets that hot stove burn feeling when talking to his ex-wife.


No burning for me, but when I got past Calc III I started getting symptoms of narcolepsy when studying math. A pity -- I'd done well in math until then. But I could only get a few pages in to the higher calculus before my head would literally fall to the desk.


I've noticed this with some of my grad stats students. I guess I didn't truly understand how powerful the aversion can be. However, I've had quite a few students find that they like stats when they figure out that it's more about the thinking than about the numbers.

I'm going to try to figure out a way to better help those who truly feel pain.

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