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November 20, 2012

"The ‘Mother May I?’ State"

Carl Schramm discusses some of the joys--not!--of Big Government

The daily menu of our village school system has just been taken over by the New York State Education Department. Every student, every day, will be served specific foods in specific weights deemed required for good nutrition. No more brown bags from home. The local school board has objected, but on the ground of probable food waste. The real objection should be the loss of local discretion when there is no better explanation for this policy than that a bureaucrat decided that our rural district doesn’t know how to develop a nutritional menu, and that moms might slip in, goodness gracious, a peanut butter sandwich made with hydrogenated oils, whatever they are.


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Welcome to our Brave New World, it is under control, under the thumb of the state. I find it funny but all those counter culture warriors in the 1960's, who railed against "the man", are the guys in charge right now.

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