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November 02, 2012

"Splendor Amid Poverty: Gallery Nights With Cuba's Gilded Elite"

Funny how "power to the people" always seems to ends up with a tiny, privileged elite.


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Joe R.

On the discussion of whether Castro is/was a communist, Jay Nordlinger recently wrote:

"Years ago, Lincoln and Mario Diaz-Balart told me that Fidel Castro was a fascist: always had been, always would be. Their father, Rafael Lincoln Diaz-Balart, was for a time a close friend of Castro. His roommate. His comrade. Even his brother-in-law. He knew Castro very well.

Here is Diaz-Balart speaking in the Cuban legislature in May 1955: “. . . Fidel Castro is nothing more than a psychopathic fascist, who could choose to align himself with communism only because fascism was defeated in the Second World War.”


I've never understood why people bothered to make a distinction between fascism and communism. The core principle of both is that the state is everything and the individual is nothing.

Nobody with two brain cells to rub together should willingly go akong with that.

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