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November 23, 2012

"Science fiction’s 2012"

A summary--by a Leftie; sigh--of what some of the top science fiction writers thought, in 1987, what 2012 would be like


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I had difficulty after reading "Unlike climate change, where our experts’ most dire worst-case predictions have consistently undershot what reality delivered, the reverse is true for population." Everything I've seen shows that "our experts" on climate change have very consistently over-estimated with just about every prediction they've made.

I'd like to ask the author to point me to anything different, but doubt I'd get a response.


Oh. I almost missed that the author is "a trained social futurist". Gotta love that. I wonder what she studied. Some sort of "Future Studies" program?

Not hard to see where her loyalties lie, though.


Got it in one. This explains a lot.

Brent Buckner

Thanks! Yes, original material better than Sara Robinson's comments.

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