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November 30, 2012

"Parental Guidance"

Coming Christmas. Starring Billy Crystal and Marisa Tomei. Looks like it could be good.

(Though Hollywood has perfected the art of trailers: recently it seems the best two minutes of movies I've seen are all in the trailers.)


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Pay attention to my wife's theory. The more advertising you see for a movie, the worse you can expect the movie to be. Movies are focus tested and if it fares poorly, movie companies aren't willing to scrap it, but instead need to get people interested in seeing it before reviewers totally pan it. Hence, movie trailers that show the best three minutes of a movie and it is played over and over and over to generate interest so people will see it during its opening opening weekend. This also explains why there are so many movies that last at the theater for one week and are then gone.


My rule is that any movie that is advertised on TV is probably bad and any movie that is heavily advertised on TV is certainly bad. The rule is very rarely wrong.

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