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November 04, 2012

Occasionally the world is astonishing and beautiful

Read "The Lox Sherpa of Russ & Daughters". What a world.

“When customers ask how someone from Nepal wound up serving lox,” he said, “I tell them I’m from Katman-Jew.”


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Perfect setup for one of my favorite jokes:

So, this Jewish-American family is enjoying dinner at a family-owned Chinese restaurant in New York, and they are speculating whether or not there are any Jews living in China. They ask their young waiter, "Are there Chinese Jews?" The waiter replies, "I am not sure. I'll ask my Dad; he's in the kitchen". A couple of minutes pass, and a middle-aged Chinese-American approaches their table and asks, "You have question?" The Jewish father repeats his question, and the Chinese chef replies, "Don't know. Ask father". A while later, a little old Chinese man approaches the table and asks, "You got question?" And after the same question is repeated, he says, "No, is no Chinese juice. Is apple juice; is orange juice; is prune juice. Is no Chinese juice".

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