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November 07, 2012

Another problem I can solve

Josh Ozersky, Time:

Living in a big city, as I do, it isn’t hard for me to spend a lot on dinner. One big meal, and you can find yourself over $200 poorer, just for two people. Of course, it isn’t hard for me to spend very little on dinner either. I got fried pork chops and pork fried rice sent to me from the local Chinese takeout last night, and the whole meal cost me something like $9. What is hard to get is a meal for $50 or so, and that seemingly innocuous fact speaks to an insidious trend not just in the food world.

A good $50 meal for two? Come to Raleigh, Mr. Ozersky. We have lots of places.

You're welcome.


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" I mean we as Americans, not just the coterie of effete gourmands I tend to eat with in New York City" -- Ahhhhhhh-hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!

Come to the Detroit suburbs. I can show him some places with very good food where i doubt if you could spend $200 for two and consume everything you ordered, including decent wine, liquor, or beer. Seriously. My wife and I have "Friday Night Date Night" and we usually go to the equivalent of family restaurants and normally get out for less than $60 for sure, Frequently less than $40.

Wednesday was our anniversary, so we went to one of the more upscale places we hit maybe 5-6 times a year. Excellent soup/salad choices, artisan quality bread baked on premises, her favorite, my truly great steak, good beer for me [no desert, diets, but we couldn't have eaten it anyway], and we got out for under $80 including a good tip.

I have in a previous job incarnation eaten in the really swank places he may prefer, and the food and service were only marginally better, if at all.

He is obviously delusional from spending too much of his life in NYC, and probably more specifically in Manhattan.

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