Art imitates life
"After Storm, Who’s Got the Real Power? Look for Backup Generators"

Another problem I can solve

Josh Ozersky, Time:

Living in a big city, as I do, it isn’t hard for me to spend a lot on dinner. One big meal, and you can find yourself over $200 poorer, just for two people. Of course, it isn’t hard for me to spend very little on dinner either. I got fried pork chops and pork fried rice sent to me from the local Chinese takeout last night, and the whole meal cost me something like $9. What is hard to get is a meal for $50 or so, and that seemingly innocuous fact speaks to an insidious trend not just in the food world.

A good $50 meal for two? Come to Raleigh, Mr. Ozersky. We have lots of places.

You're welcome.