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October 28, 2012

"The 10 Most Damaging Chick Flicks Ever Made"

I object to Clueless being included. But the rest seem fine. 


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Ted Craig

I would put "Reality Bites" on the list to represent every movie where the girl picks the artistic jerk over the stable nice guy. See also "Singles."

Patrick R. Sullivan

Since 'Clueless' is an update of Jane Austin's 'Emma', it seems out of place in this list.


I didn't feel like clicking through multiple pages to read a simple list. Was "Bridges of Madison County" on the list?

Michael Greenspan

With you on Clueless; I also like Bridget Jones's Diary a lot. Most of the others I haven't seen. Fiano seems to object to movies that fail to present their leading men and women in ways simultaneously realistic and idealized. That's too narrowly prescriptive a view for my tastes.

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