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October 24, 2012

IMDB recommendation

I haven't had much luck with recommendation systems for books, music, and movies. But the other day I happened to be looking up The Paper Chase--one of my all-time favorites--on IMDB and took a look at the "People who liked this also liked . . ." It listed 22 movies, of which I liked 13 and most of those I really liked. 

I guess I'll pay more attention to IMDB's recommendations from now on. 

For an interesting look at the mechanics of recommendation systems see "Deconstructing Recommender Systems: How Amazon and Netflix predict your preferences and prod you to purchase".


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Michael Greenspan

Netflix's guesses at my opinions have been surprisingly accurate. They've pointed me to several movies I've liked that I might not have tried else.


I don't use Netflix, but Amazon's recommendations for me are not very accurate. Don't know why.


Shame is, Netflix is now losing money.

Dave Tufte

No offense, but don't you think that list of movies is just ones that are well liked by people of a certain age?

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