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October 08, 2012

Feeling down? Discouraged? Unhappy?

May I suggest a quck look at the U.K.'s Mail Online? It has a genius for publishing stories about the most terrible, horrific--almost unimagineably horrible--occurences in life. Here are the headlines from some of its stories for just one day. (Guaranteed to make you feel better about your petty problems or your money back.)

Extraordinary survival of the woman who suffered INTERNAL decapitation after her skull was torn from her spine in car crash

Chilling footage shows man leading two young girls - one clutching a teddy - into a hotel for sex as eight paedophiles are jailed for 42 years

Newlywed pharmacist, 32, killed in horrific car crash after vandals deliberately punctured one of her tyres

US soldier 'accidentally kills his friend after putting gun to his head to scare away his hiccups'

Hospital nurse found hanged after she faced being struck off over claims of affair with psychiatric patient

Burglars blinded beloved pet dog by kicking it in the head when they broke into home of elderly woman, 86, while she was at church

Oh hell. . . I haven't killed him, have I? What ex-boxer said after stabbing his nephew with broken wine glass at country house

Allergic to my unborn son: Mother scarred for life after reacting to her baby's hormones while he was in the womb

Danish sperm donor passes rare genetic disorder to at least five of the 43 babies he is thought to have fathered in ten countries


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Michael Greenspan

The Internet. On the one side these horrible headlines, on the other Miami Dolphins cheerleaders lip-syncing "Call Me Maybe." The very exemplar of a mixed blessing.

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