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October 29, 2012

Ever wonder why Liberals tend to oppose home-schooling

Kevin D. Williamson explains:

The problem is that progressives operate as though the state owned children as joint property. Dana Goldstein, writing in Slate, urged her fellow progressives to resist the temptation to homeschool, arguing that the practice is “fundamentally illiberal” and asking incredulously: “Could such a go-it-alone ideology ever be truly progressive?” She went on to argue that the children of high-achieving parents amount to public goods because of peer effects — poor students do better when mixed with better-off peers — meaning that “when college-educated parents pull their kids out of public schools, whether for private school or homeschooling, they make it harder for less-advantaged children to thrive.” She does not extend that analysis to its logical conclusion: that conscientious, educated liberals should enroll their children in the very worst public schools they can find in order to maximize the public good.

Excellent point. And following up on that, Liberals who profess this belief should also live and work in poor neighborhoods.

I'm not going to hold my breath.


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Last time I checked, practically no children or grandchildren of Detroit Public Schools teachers attended a Detroit Public School. I can't imagine why they don't go for the wonderful free education being provided there.


Oh. And one of my former grad students has applied to Teach For America so she can teach, she hopes, in Flint. Excellent, excellent person and pretty good student. She was appalled to get her FB page filled with anti-TFA diatribes posted by her 'liberal' friends.

Evidently, if you can't save all the poor children and fix the system permanently you mustn't be allowed to save any children or fix any part of the system because "it wouldn't be fair." Sigh.


"Progressive Liberalism" is Communism's ideology, namely "From each according to his ability, to each according to his need", pushed to the limits of absurdity.

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