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Annual North Raleigh restaurant update

Time for the annual update of some good restaurants and restaurant meals in Raleigh, particularly North Raleigh.

My wife and I  continued to eat fine meals at Vivace (best new dishes: Hazelnut Crusted Goat Cheese and Brick-Pressed Chicken), Relish, Oliver Twist, and Margaux's.  I, and my daughters, like Mama Nori's but my wife not so much, (I'd like to try the similar-sounding Pollo a La Brasa.)

A few new restaurants we liked:

Tribeca Tavern. Zucchini chips, grilled chicken salad, spicy fried fish, Sal's Tacos.

Village Grill. San Francisco Wontons, Southern chicken salad, London Broil sandwich, ribs.

Chow. The Chicken & White Chili Nachos are excellent and the Arugula Salad was good.

Sola Coffee House. Southwestern salad, iced coffee, mini donuts.

Mia Francesca. The daily specials.

Casa San Carlo. Brunch buffet.

Simply Crepes. (Pro tip: don't go on Bastille Day.)

Al Dente, 7456 Creedmoor Road.

Hibachi China Buffet, both the one at Capital and Millbrook and the one on Colonnade Center Drive, off of Six Forks, near Endeavor Charter School. 

When we first moved to Raleigh we tried Winston's Grille and were unimpressed. It's changed ownership in the years since and when we've tried them again recently, we really enjoyed a couple of meals. I like the goat cheese bruschetta, Black and Bleu salad, and the ribs.

Klara's has moved from Cary to Hillsborough St. across from NC State and I like the Shopsky Salad there. 

Special award of three lashes with a wet noodle for deteriorating food and service at Bonefish Grill.

We expect to try the opening soon Yard House and Zinda sounds interesting.