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October 08, 2012

Almost *anything* can be gamed

What a surprise: people respond to incentives. Again. Still.

"Rampant recycling fraud is draining California cash".

California's generous recycling redemption program has led to rampant fraud. Crafty entrepreneurs are driving semi-trailers full of cans from Nevada or Arizona, which don't have deposit laws, across the border and transforming their cargo into truckfuls of nickels. In addition, recyclers inside the state are claiming redemptions for the same containers several times over, or for containers that never existed.


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Sort of the same way the Democrat party recycles votes.


They should watch more Seinfeld. But I thought that the numbers only worked out if you used a postal truck.

Patrick R. Sullivan

Sonny Bono's Revenge!

Shortly before he was killed in a skiing accident he told Chris Matthews on 'Hardball' that he thought it would be better if there were more people like him in congress, because they understand that there are people out there who will game any system.

But, isn't there an exam question here for a business class. Something along the lines of, It costs $200 to rent a 19' van from Budget, fuel is $4 per gallon, labor is $10 per hour, it's X many miles from Phoenix to the nearest recycling center in Calif....How many empty Budweiser cans will it take to break even?

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