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September 24, 2012

"Why used-car prices are rising so much"

I guess I'm just a poor negotiator because I couldn't get within three grand for the fair value of my 2007 car. Oh, well

Auto experts say the run-up in used-car prices is abating, making this a good time to trade in a late-model used car (up to five years) for a 2012 vehicle.

"In terms of getting the best deal for a used car, right now is a good time," says Jeff Piol, pricing manager with Edmunds.

Jeff BartlettConsumer Reports' deputy editor for autos, agrees.


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Who is getting 3.31% for a used car loan?


My credit union will loan for a used car less than 5 years old with less than 100K on it for 1.75% with good credit [I think than means a FICO score of 700+ but it could be lower].

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