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September 29, 2012

"The Best Barbecue Restaurants In 20 Cities Around The US"

None in North Carolina? I demand a recount.


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Patrick R. Sullivan

They got this one right;

You know the food is good when they only open from 11AM-4PM, M-F, and still have a viable business. When they first started, they only opened 4 days a week, in the winter, because the owners wanted to spend their week-ends in Palm Springs.

It's in a former drive-in (across from Starbuck's headquarters, a few tape measure home runs south of Safeco Field in what was once Seattle's industrial area). You order at the window outside and either eat on the wooden picnic tables or take it back to your office.


Probably too much trouble to check the back roads, but some of the best barbecue I've ever eaten I've had in rural America [several states between I-70 and the southern Tennessee border and Missouri to Vriginia, say].

There is large number, still, of these places and some of them really do barbecue right.

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