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September 2012

September 30, 2012

"Biblical-Type Floods Are Real, and They're Absolutely Enormous"

The story of another scientist who was laughed at but whose truth eventually won

Long before the discovery of the scablands, geologists dismissed the role of catastrophic floods in interpreting European geology. . . .

[J. Harlen] Bretz was a classic field geologist and a controversial figure throughout his career. In 1925 he presented the story of the region’s giant floods, seeing what others at first could not—and then would not—see. He spent his lifetime piecing together the story of how a raging wall of water hundreds of feet high roared across eastern Washington, carving deep channels before cascading down the Columbia River Gorge as a wall of water high enough to turn Oregon’s Willamette Valley into a vast backwater lake. . . .

Bretz was ridiculed until 1940 . . .

"The 25 Best Episodes of Seinfeld"

The top four are about as good as TV comedy gets. 

September 29, 2012

"I Ate Every Variety of Pepperidge Farm Cookie"

I shouldn't eat them any more, but, yes, they are good

"The Best Barbecue Restaurants In 20 Cities Around The US"

None in North Carolina? I demand a recount.

September 28, 2012

Another reason to major in economics?

Business Insider, 9/27:

Economics students probably do it daily, according to UK site

The site asked 4,656 sexually active students from more than 100 universities across the UK.

The result was that economics majors were found to have slept with an average of 4.88 partners since starting university.

Runners-up were social workers (4.7 partners), followed by marketing students (4.57 partners).

"9 Behind-the-Scenes Secrets From Jeopardy"

Would be of interest to would-be contestants.

(When I was in graduate school, I took the Jeopardy qualification test. It was hard. Far more difficult than the SATs and the AP exams.)

Pretty colleges. Luxurious dorms.

"The 30 Prettiest College Campuses In America".

"10 Public Colleges with Insanely Luxurious Dorms".

September 27, 2012

"Old Jewish Man Wisdom"

The best wisdom of all. Obviously.

"FiveBooks Interviews: Tim Harford on Unexpected Economics"

Unlike a lot of the rest of Bauman's work, I was unimpressed by The Cartoon Introduction to Economics.  I enjoyed the part of The Big Short that I read. I haven't yet read the other three.

"“I feel like, in San Francisco, everyone has one,”

In Silicon Valley BMWs are old and busted. Audis are in.
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