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September 24, 2012

"16 People Who Worked Incredibly Hard To Succeed"

It's just really too bad that nobody was around to tell these folks that they "didn't build that".


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Yeah...but. They all drive to work on the ROADS, man. And they send emails on THE INTERNET. Which, you know, was invented by government. So.


Doesn't this send the wrong message though? To be successful, you have to be a workaholic, not plan and delegate properly? Work harder, not smarter? Why do we never recognize those that truly get it?

Seamus Coffey

I wonder what a comparable list of the public sector would look like.


Lucky. They were all just lucky. Given the public roads and bridges available and the many, many public school teachers out there, anyone could have done what they did, it was just a matter of luck.


The reality is that you cannot succeed at anything without hard work, but hard work is not sufficient. To be a really big success it requires the work plus something else. Call it Alpha. Maybe you have an unusual talent, or ability, you have superior connections and or a great mentor, or you had the right idea at the right place at the right time. Call it luck?

Either way, the word is full of people who worked very hard and only achieved modest success. You still need the hard work even to get that, but it does not mean you will be wealthy.

Of course, in most cases government only gets in the way, unless you figured out someway to make money off of government. That usually works too.

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