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August 30, 2012

Vitamin K seems important

One good source is natto. But this is . . . off-putting

I will try this natto . . . what should I expect in flavor?

Diaper pail and sneaker, with notes of nail polish remover and Augean stable. And the texture is . . . unique.


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David Flath

I love Japanese food and since moving to Japan four and a half years ago eat it just about every day. Natto is about the only thing here I cannot eat. Hell, I can headly stand to be in the same room with it. If they tell you it's "good for your health" that jsut means there is no other reason to eat it. A lot of Japanese people I know don't eat natto. Others eat it for breakfast daily. Go figure.


Yes, Vitamin K is important, but most folks get ample Vitamin K from diet and from normal intestinal bacteria, no need to supplement. There are no known symptoms of toxicity from exceeding one's daily requirement of Vitamin K, so if you must, have at it!


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