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August 27, 2012

"Ten Seemingly Contradictory Thoughts You’re Allowed to Have on Lance Armstrong This Morning"

Will Leitch says all that we need to say about Mr. Armstrong now


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While I suspect he and most others were cheating, I am still not comfortable convicting the guy based almost entirely on the accounts of others, without a single shred of hard evidence, a failed test.


My thought is "Why just 'vacate' his titles?" Where is the evidence that those who finished behind him or who won earlier [or later] titles weren't also doping? Besides, whether he get 'stripped' or not, he still won. ;->=

And I enjoy cycling only slightly more than soccer, which is to say not very much. Curling is much, much more exciting than either.


Something akin to this happened in the 1968 Kentucky Derby. In both cases there was strong suspicion that politics was involved.

Dancers Image won the 68 Derby on the track and nothing that anybody says or does can ever change that fact. Armstrong won those races on the roads of France. Everybody who cares saw him do it.

Stripping him of his titles by people who may (or may not) have an ulterior motive is meaningless twaddle.

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