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July 26, 2012

"A Preview of an Olympic-Sized Fiasco"

Der Spiegel is pessimistic. An interesting tidbit:

Those who have to remain mobile in London during the Olympics are well-advised to rethink their strategy. The German package delivery service DHL, for example, plans to shut down part of its London delivery fleet, knowing that traffic will be moving even slower in the downtown area than at the typical snail's pace of 11 kilometers per hour (7 miles per hour). Instead, DHL plans to have extremely fit jogging couriers making package deliveries during the games.


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Ted Craig

Check out the show "Twenty Tweleve" on BBCAmerica. It's a mockumentary like The Office about the Olympic Deliverance office. Traffic is an ongoing topic. The head logistics makes an excellent observation that bikes aren't interchangeable with cars. "They're really pedestrians on two wheels."

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