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June 18, 2012

Four very negative articles on Windows 8

"Negative," that is, if you use it on a PC mainly for work and not on a tablet for Facebook, YouTube, movies, etc. 

Very short: "Will Windows 7 be the new XP?"

Short: "Microsoft reinvents the wheel with Windows 8: Defining moment for software giant falls flat".

Medium: "Here's Why Windows 8 Is Shaping Up To Be A Giant Bomb For Business Users"

Longer: "Fear and Loathing and Windows 8".


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Too bad. After the disaster that was the "ribbon," I'd wanted to go all-in on this new interface. Looks like I'll keep W7 for now.


I'm really, really glad I have at least 3 XP installation disks.

Seriously, what is it with this desire to futz with things that is so prominent with MS and FaceBook, especially. Why not try to take that which is working well and build on that instead of constantly altering stuff that's of not much account but which requires users to change?

I find this with SPSS, too. I really, truly think that any software upgrade, change, or whatever should come with an open invitation to 500 randomly chosen users with at least 3-4 years experience to come and whack the software engineers and programmers with sticks for 30 minutes if they so choose.

It's as if all the changes are aimed at new users who don't have to 'unlearn' stuff to use the new. I don't find that too useful.


Someone should do a knock-off on Christopher Hitchens' book:

"Bill Gates is not Great: How Microsoft Poisons Everything"

John Henry

I sometimes think I am a Luddite.

Tablets look cool but what is the point? There is next to nothing that an I-Pad can do that I can't already do on my Android phone plus I can carry the phone in my pocket.

If I need to get any actual work done, I have a laptop as well as a desktop. I have even written my bi-weekly columns on my phone several times. Not that great but can be done.

The I-Pad just seems like an expensive toy.

Cloud storage? What is the point of trusting my stuff to God only knows who God only knows where? For $100 at Costco I can get a 1TB USB drive to carry around. That is accessible anytime, anywhere. No need for a connection. What does the cloud do for me?

I looked for a year for a new laptop without a camera. These just creep me out entirely. I finally had to buy one, which means I can't carry it into some clients. I removed all the drivers for the camera and microphone and covered them with tape. But why does it even have to be there in the first place?

So what about someone like me that just wants to use a desk/lap PC for normal creative stuff like word processing, some picture and movie editing, powerpoionts and so on?

I get the feeling that I am being forced into Linux. Evey version of MS I have used since 95 seems like it adds some cool stuff but takes away far more. It sometimes seems like they do this for the sole purpose of annoying me.

Apple seems no better, perhaps even worse.

John Henry

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