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May 31, 2012

Excellent advice

"Don’t give your children silly names just for the buzz".

Increasingly, names are being chosen not to suit the children, but as a vehicle for their parents’ self-expression – and it’s the children who will pay the price.


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People who should be punched in the face for giving their kid a silly name: Jason Lee and Beth Riesgraf. Their kids name? Pilot Inspektor.

Definite grounds for an ass whippin!


Modern parenting is all about the parent. Unlike generations ago, children today are a conscious choice. Hence the selfish helicopter parent. An unintended consequence of ubiquitous, reliable birth control.


Not a week goes by when I don't want to kick my father in the ass for saddling me with a stupid family name. In addition to having to spell it out time and again, it almost cost me a job (never again would I put it on my resume).

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