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April 28, 2012

"140 Things You Can't Do With a Law Degree"

Warning: the author is a little bitter


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Did you read the comments? I'm not in this guy's situation and yet I could still cheerfully strangle someone like "Margaret" with her Power of Positive Thinking bullshit.


Reading this led to several thoughts. First, why the heck did he get into law in the first place? [If I had to guess, based on 20 years or so of experience with undergrads, I'd say, high{ish} intelligence, little direction, unwillingness to work with numbers, sociable, used to being praised, highly verbal, knows about law only from tv/movies/lawschool webpages.]

Second, he knows almost nothing about how HR works outside of law firms, *if* he knows about that. What he apparently thinks he knows is mostly just wrong.

Third, he apparently thinks he can also read minds, both individually and collectively.

I'll bet he's just a barrel of damn fun in an interview.

While I wish him well, I also want to link him to Hank, Jr's "Attitude Adjustment".


I'm hoping some of the way this was written was for show. But either way, overall it demonstrated that once again here is someone who has learned how to do a job, but not how to get a job.

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