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March 29, 2012

"Why Do Pizzerias Offer Anchovies?"

I love anchovies on pizzas and wish I had eaten a lot more of them when I was younger. But apparently I'm in a small minority:

One pizzaiolo told the Explainer that he gets about 18,000 customers per week at his store, of which approximately 50 ask for anchovies.


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Stephen Karlson

A wisea** I knew in Detroit used to ride anybody who wanted to put anchovies on a pizza by handing over the salt shaker.


I add a small amount of anchovy paste (or, sometimes, an anchovy filet) to the red sauces I make for my Italian-styled meals, including pizza. It's also an ingredient in my Caesar dressing.


I always choose anchovies as an add-on to my pizza, and I always make sure my Caesar salad includes anchovies.

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