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March 29, 2012

I can but sigh

Ben Stein on something that "a star student at a prestige day school in the L.A. area, taking five AP classes and studying night and day" doesn't know

"Has college become too easy?"

"An open letter to college admission committees". (Link via Instapundit.)


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Bernie Manning

Am reading the book 1948 which is a detailed study of the '48 election where Truman upset Dewey. It profiles all the candidates on both sides. Earl Warren comes across as something of a horses ass.

That election was somewhat similar to the current situation. Truman has been given a paint job by history but he was in fact a very unpopular President (I'm old enough to remember). But nobody, Republicans included,thought much of Dewey either.


My students [even the grads] are hell on wheels at summarizing, describing, ans stating [not advocating] policy ["we should do X"].

They struggle with critical thought. My tests are frequently frequently judges as 'mean' or 'unfair' because I typically require critical thought and grade on that basis.

mike shupp

Well ... I was a bright kid in high school 50 years ago, and I suspect that back then I was just as ignorant about William Howard Taft, president and Supreme Court Chief Justice in 1920s, as that kid was about Earl Warren, California goveror and Supreme Court chief justice in the 1950s. A half century is a really long period of history, particularly so for teenagers.

And you know, for all his historical signficance, I often go for hours without remembering the importance of Earl Warren. Sometimes days. Sometimes longer periods.

I think I'd cut that kid some slack.

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