"Caterpillar shuns home state for N.C."
Our system was designed--and one reason we should revere it--to balance the rights of majorities and minorities

"‘The Left’ and Public Choice Theory"

Superb post. In the current intense debate about the role of government public choice theory is the trump card of conservatives. (Link via Cafe Hayek.)

From a public choice standpoint, however, if the modern social democratic state is the major source of special interest power then by far the most effective way to reduce this power would be to dismantle the apparatus of anti-competitive intervention in markets. This does not require an egalitarian fantasy land where all inequality is abolished. Rather, it requires a framework of limited government where inequalities which reflect superior performance and entrepreneurial ingenuity are welcomed but where those that reflect the power of crony capitalists, crony union bosses and public sector bureaucrats are reduced to a minimum.