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February 29, 2012

"Jeremy Siegel Explains The #1 Reason To Be Bullish Right Now"

Let's see how well a distinguished economist can forecast the stock market.

UPDATE: link fixed now. Thanks, Art!


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Not fixed for me. I got your link jammed up against the business insider link. Removing it led to the article.

Maybe it's just me, though.


To reach 15,000 DJIA, all we need is another 15% devaluation of the dollar.

As that ancient SNL sketch mocking Jimmy Carter told us: Inflation is our friend. Who wouldn’t want the Dow at 15,000, to drive a $100,000 hatchback, and wear a $100 T-shirt? The FedRes is trying to make us all rich!

Foreign Currency Exchange

Do you not think that this is showing that the U.S. is going to fall into finance problems?


I am actually short term bullish, but not long term. In the next perhaps 1/2 year I see the markets rising. But later this year I see another slow down.

The reason is that fuel costs and other costs due to regulation will begin to bite into the ready funds of both consumers and businesses.

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