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February 29, 2012

"Debating a liberal is maddening: They think conservatives are evil, while we think they're silly."

True, dat.

The personal is always the political, and vice versa. I nearly lost one of my oldest and dearest friends in 2004 after she forwarded me an email containing an incendiary anti-George W. Bush op-ed by the leftist novelist E.L. Doctorow. Among other charges in the op-ed, which made Bush look about as caring as King George III in the run-up to the Revolutionary War, Doctorow claimed Bush didn't care about the "forty percent" of Americans "who cannot afford health insurance." "Do you really believe this?" I emailed back, pointing out that Doctorow had gotten his numbers jumbled. It was not 40% but 40 million Americans — more like 15% — who lacked health insurance for various reasons back then. It took six years for my friend and me to mend our sundered relationship.


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dave  smith

This represents a huge problem. People don't know basic facts. They think 40% don't have health insurance, they think everyone only makes min wage, etc.

Conservatives are guilty too. I had someone tell me that food stamps wasted "trillions" of dollars and many believe that foreign aid represents 1/4 of the federal budget.


The Liberal vs Conservative article via LA times by Wagman perfectly displays my experience w/ diehard liberals. The claim to be open minded but only on their view points. They are not open to listening to mine since I will not agree.

Liberals want to force their beliefs on me, I want to explain mine to them and if don't agree that is fine. But Wagman is just as bad as her opinions of the tea party if not worse.

I will go out of my way to help people in my neighborhood, but when it was found that I wouldn't be doing my neighborhood chores that I was assigned, certain people stopped talking to me. I would rather pay a teenager or company to do the work rather than giving up my family time.


Liberals are a funny crowd. A friend of a friend was an Obama supporter in 2008 and wouldn't let one of his liberal friends stay with him that summer because his friend was a Hilary supporter. All I could think was that this person is one of the most shallow people I'd ever met. I didn't say anything; it was my friend's birthday party, but I did lose a little respect for her for having a friend who thought so little of another friend.

It's ironic, too, the birthday girl is a republican. I wonder if he knew that.

Joe R.

From Jay Nordlinger's column in National Review on 3/1:

"I was talking to a friend last week, and she told me about a particular situation, all too common. Call my friend Mary, and call her husband John. They have a friend — call him Jim — of 30 years’ standing. But Jim refuses to speak to Mary and John, because the couple has gone forthrightly conservative. Jim is a liberal (more likely a leftist).

Mary and John want very much to speak to Jim, and carry on talking about everything under the sun, excluding politics. There is so much else in life. But Jim will have nothing to do with them.

My question to Mary: “Doesn’t Jim think it’s weird that you want very much to speak to him, despite your political differences with him? He will not speak to you, because of political differences. According to the way he thinks — shouldn’t you be equally adamant against speaking to him?”

Mary responded, “I’m sure it has never occurred to him.” I’m sure too.

Have you maybe observed this kind of thing in life?"

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