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February 29, 2012

"Beyond SATs, Finding Success in Numbers"

It sounds like a little Posse Foundation is worth more than boatloads of college assistance. Good for them.


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I see this interesting, but lots gong on here. First, these are kids with fairly good SAT scores to begin with I believe (the scale has changed since I took it). One issue I take is they are comparing not going to college to going to an "elite" college. I do see that there is implication that finances are a big issue here, but still misses quite a few options.

Next, I think everyone knows SATs are just one measure, and not always great. Further, while the posse idea sounds good, many schools strive to get incoming kids into safe groups and encourage accountability, but this article seems to ignore that.

Also, I didn't see any huge results really, but Im biased as everything was discussed in liberal arts areas and no recognizable actual success one might expect post elite college.

Interesting nonetheless however, but still not sure what it all means in the end.

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