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April 29, 2011

My view: shut up and teach

"Discord in Harvard’s education school".

More than 50 doctoral students at the Harvard Graduate School of Education are demanding that the 91-year-old school redirect its mission. Over the last decade, they say, it has veered away from social justice issues in education toward more results-driven management and policy concerns. The students, who are groomed to be national leaders in education, said they fear the shift will hamper their professional development and tarnish the school’s reputation.


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Ted Craig

And improve U.S. schools.

John Henry

Why do we even have Ed Schools?

In my opinion (and I have an MS in education) they are the single biggest reason for the crappy state of education today.

Burn them all down.

John Henry


Don't back down!


This will probably be a very bitter, nasty fight. The stakes are so low that it almost guarantees it. After all, who the hell cares about education schools anymore. I don't know anyone that has any real respect for these degrees.

david foster

I think it's pretty generally agreed that ed schools suck. So why don't professors in the more intellectually coherent departments on campus picket them and insist that they be reformed or shut down? This would seem like a much better investment of time than, say, protesting ROTC.

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